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Multidisciplinary Pain Management

We offer a Multidisciplinary Approach to manage your pain. There is a team behind every Doctor you see. We communicate with each other and your other health care providers as a team, integrating your care, for our ultimate shared goal: YOU.

Whatever your pain, disease, illness, addiction, or behavioral issue we have the experts and resources to tailor make the most effective and efficient treatment plan for you.

We Guarantee you, that no matter what your problem is, we will be able to:

  • Give you a diagnosis
  • Give you a treatment plan
  • Give you a prognosis
  • Make sure you have reached your maximum medical improvement, without surgery.

All Within 12 weeks from the first day of your participation.


Regardless of what our society says, or what your friends and family say, or what your Personal Injury Lawyer says, or what your Workers Compensation or Insurance Adjuster says, or even what your health care providers say. No Matter What Anyone Has Told You…YOU SHOULD NEVER SUFFER FROM PAIN!

Sure, you may choose to manage your pain and live with it. But You Should Not Ever Have To Suffer From It.

Please keep in mind that if you broke your legs, and did nothing except let Mother Nature do her thing, you would surely be healed within 3 months. This should make it clear to you that, regardless what the cause of your pain is, you should also expect, without surgery or major interventions, to get as good as you can get within 3 months.

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Dr. Robert R. Kutzner M.D.

Interventionalist - Pain & Addiction

We believe that addiction is horrific and leaves those trapped only a few ways out: Hospitalization, Incarceration, Destitution, or Death. We are addiction experts. We are not just victims or survivors of our own dysfunctions; we are SUCCESSES. Our program helped us and it can help you also. There are a lot of addiction programs out there but they just do not work. We all know that is fact.

Physical or Emotional Pain can lead to Addictive Behavior. Addiction is not the problem, it is an expression of underlying pain!

THE NEXT GOOD STEP aims to improve any life. Our program focuses on the reason for behavior. We believe that understanding and working through ones issues allows overcoming and mastering ones addictions. The Next Good Step is what all of us should be pursuing daily. We all have issues but if we do not take the time to work through them then they will find a way to be expressed. If your expression is addictive behavior, please, before you are overcome by it, join us for just 12 meetings as we all grow, become, and take The Next Good Step together.

Services and Classes: Just 12 Weeks

You live by the choices you make. Change first begins with a promise to yourself.

A change of life can only truly exist if underlying issues are identified. By properly assessing and addressing these issues, our patients can, often for the first time, understand their triggers and find a bridge to a real life.

We provide you the tools to understand and deal with your pain. This approach gives you control over your addictive behavior.

Our approach is so fundamental and unique that all you need do is just show up and you will “become”. We know our program works so please stop ignoring the problem, join us, and together we will watch you grow and become. It works.

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Dr. Robert R. Kutzner M.D.

Interventionalist - Pain & Addiction

Injured at work? Are you in pain?

Do you just want to be taken care of and get back to the life you had before getting hurt?

California law ensures that you get whatever it takes to get better and compensate you where it is not possible. Its the law! The problem is that Workers Compensation (WC) Insurance Companies don’t want to lose any of their money in payments to treat you fairly. The Doctors make more money if you keep coming back for treatment, on and on and on. Lawyers whom represent you make more money the longer you suffer and the more disabled you become.

The California Division of Workers Compensation doesn’t even enforce the laws they wrote to protect you from all of this abuse. The only losers feeding the system are the Employers and You, the injured patient! Employers financially lose as they are the ultimate payers’. The patient loses because they are rewarded for suffering, for putting up with the pain and system. Basically exchanging their health and safety for the system in hopes of maximizing the money they make in settlement. The progression of injury to Chronic Pain is common as is Addiction to Narcotics.

If you are injured and want to get better as soon as possible while maximizing your settlement then we are for you. We follow the Workers Compensation treatment guidelines and the law. Below is a letter we send insurance companies letting them know we follow the law and treatment guidelines. You should read it as it shows you how you should be receiving treatment. In addition, if you continue to be abused by the system we can help you with legal assistance that supports your best interests not theirs.

We may not be accepted into the network of those who take advantage of you and the system. We don’t really fit in. Instead we are the real deal, we provide the care our Government feels you are entitled to, for your benefit.

First, don’t get caught in the system, it will take advantage of you. Second, if you are already caught, give us a call and we’ll help you get out of the abuse.

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Dr. Robert R. Kutzner M.D.

Interventionalist - Pain & Addiction

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